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Follow your faithful guide to escape the temple in this platformer game. Use your power to jump between worlds in order to overcome obstacles in your way to freedom.

Unaligned is a 3D platformer videogame developed for the Videogame Creation Master of Barcelona School of Management, Pompeu Fabra University.

Visit us!

Website: https://unaligned.herokuapp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UnalignedMCV

Install instructions

Unzip “Unaligned.zip” and run the executable file “Unaligned.exe” located in the Unaligned folder.

If any dlls or dependencies are missing when the game is first run, the installers can be found in “externs”.

The resolution of the game can be modified by editing “config.ini”, located in the same folder as the executable. For the best experience, it is recommended to set the resolution values to match the desktop resolution.


Unaligned.zip 706 MB


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Hello! When I run the game it says ''Unaligned stopped working''.

Can I get help, please? Thanks ^^

Look what I did with my spare time!

Are you proud of me? I hope you enjoy!

I finish the game, rly nice concept I thought about the same ( switch between two worlds ) but you made it better ! good job :)

Sooo about those spikes in mah shoes..


I want to play this game, but I would also like to know roughly how long it will take to beat.

I wanted to record this and put it on my YouTube channel, but I would like to know in advance if I'm going to be able to finish the game in one sitting (15 minutes) or if I'm going to need to make it into separate episodes (30+ minutes).

An answer from anyone would be appreciated!


We planned the game to last bewteen 15 to 20 minutes but once published we saw some people got stuck at the puzzles, so the duration will depend on your ability to solve them.

So a safe bet would be about 30 minutes?


I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics and mechanics of your game and it was well worth tying up my internet connection for half an hour to download!

I am planning to write a review of it soon, and was wondering if you had considered adding a save feature to the game, or if I somehow missed it. I had to play through several times from the beginning as I did not commit enough time to it originally! Since you already have automatic checkpoints, I wonder if it could be done without too much effort.

Either way, I'll definitely look forward to more from you in the future.



The game doesn't have any save options, so you didn't miss it. Also we do not plan to add new features (we consider the game finished, as it is a student project and the course already finished). Sorry for the inconvenience of having you repeat the same sections of the game, but the game should be very short when you know how to pass through the puzzles.

What a fantastic light project. I enjoyed the game overall, the graphics where neat, the puzzles were greate but it took a little while to getting used to the controls i.e. jumping and switching worlds. Well polished and well done devs


Really good challenging game. Music and visuals are great too.

Wow, the visuals are great, the gameplay mechanics is fun too :D I hope there will be a sequel or something :D

Such fun, lots of fun colors, and a pretty cool backstory with the character, definitely gets an A, also actually solving riddles as well can be a challenge but roughly a great game! and I am honored to have gotten to play, thank you!

Just a fantastic game all around. Beautiful visuals, mechanics, music, everything. Well done.


In the name of the Unaligned Team, thank you so much for what you have done! We really appreciate how much you've enjoyed our small but full of effort videogame project . We've been very excited to see your reactions, it is precisely what we wanted to achieve, beyond a high rating, we wanted to make people enjoyed it and marvel at our videogame, it seems that we are doing well. Thank you very much for helping to make our game reach much more public, this will help us a lot in our future. 

We will mention you on our facebook page inviting our followers to watch the video and support you on your channel, in the same way that you have helped us. Cheers,

Unaligned Team


Can't open the file :-(

Please give us more details about your problem so we may  be able to help you.

Make sure you have WinRAR and to extract the file